New Technology Platform Unlocks the Value in Personal and Professional Networks

Switzerland Based Envoy Goes to Market

The technology platform Envoy extracts real value from personal and professional networks to support the goals of both individual users and organizations of any size. Private investors financed the Startup with 5 million Swiss Francs. The platform is now launching into the global market.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Envoy is an AI-driven platform, which allows its users to combine contact data from multiple sources, including other social media platforms, corporate data storage, processing systems, email and CRM applications. The ability to share this data on a selective basis produces immediate analysis that uncovers a wealth of previously unlocked network value. Envoy calls this value “Relationship Capital.” Fascinating graphical and tabular representations demonstrate the results.

Founded in 2015, Envoy generates revenue through subscription fees for advanced services. Envoy does not sell advertising or user data to third parties. A team of 40 developers produces a technology update every two weeks. After a year of beta testing with individual pilot users and across industries, including banks, consulting firms, insurance companies, telecoms and pharmaceuticals, supported by 5 million Swiss Francs in private investment, Schaffhausen based Envoy is now officially launching into the global market.

“I have always been fascinated by the power of networks,” said Envoy Founder & CEO RalphSchonenbach. “Several years ago, I realized that people are over-connected, with contacts now reaching into the hundreds and even thousands. Our networks have grown so big that it’s impossible to manage these ever-expanding networks,” he continued. “I wanted to create a solution which rebuilds our networks into valuable assets.”

The platform offers a better understanding of network strengths and weaknesses and can connect entrepreneurs to new opportunities, find investors for projects, support social selling, identify paths to strategic targets, source employment talent, and more. The privacy and security of personal data are of paramount importance to Envoy.Therefore, users remain in total control of their data and its access.

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