Talent acquisition &
strategic consulting

Wealth management
experts in Latin America

A stablished network &
extensive experience

We are an independent specialized boutique firm that focuses on connecting Latin American Wealth Management talent with opportunities. We are recognised as one of the leading and most knowledgeable partners for the Latin American market.

Through a partner-based approach, we offer our clients a unique platform of resources and expertise through our tailored Talent Acquisition and Strategic Consulting services.

With our main office based in Zurich (Switzerland) and extensive travel to the region, we are truly committed and dedicated to covering the Latin American region

We pride ourselves on working with a handpicked selection of Private Banks, Multi-Family Offices and Asset Managers in Switzerland and Latin America.

As a boutique firm we select all our mandates personally on the basis of our expertise and the immediate added value we can offer our clients.

This means we avoid a generalist approach and instead focus on our expertise to build exceptional Latin American Wealth Management teams.

Lucas A. Hernández

Since 2010 when relocating to Switzerland, Lucas identified changes in Wealth Management sector and a great interest in the Emerging Markets, especially in Latin America.

Using his financial services knowledge and background, Lucas built an impressive professional network in Switzerland and in Latin America that he leveraged working initially with an independent asset manager and two executive search firms. In 2014, established a fully dedicated firm to cover the Latin American wealth market.

Originally from Argentina, Lucas studied Economics and Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires and obtain an MBA at Maastricht University.

Talent adquisition

  • We provide access to an established and trusted Latin American network of senior wealth management professionals.
  • We are experts in identifying and acquiring exceptional front office wealth management professionals.
  • Executive Search Services:
    • Through a structured recruitment process we can source high-calibre candidates to fulfil requirements and special needs.
    • We ensure confidentiality in dealing with sensitive senior positions when working with our network.
    • We provide support in negotiation, compensation models, employment agreements and integration.

Strategic consulting

  • We help our clients to understand the current opportunities and challenges to best prepare their approach into the Latin American region.
  • We offer insights into market-overview and environment as well as industry trends, regulatory matters, competitor intelligence and talent mapping.
  • We advise management and offer hands-on coaching during implementation.
  • We provide access for our clients to a vast network of wealth management professionals and service providers.

"Our mission is
to help our clients
to achieve
their business goals
by maximizing
their opportunities across the Latin American Wealth Management market"




It’s all about people, even more about relationships. Our relationships are our most powerful resource. We cultivate a relationship-centered culture that results in long-term and meaningful professional relationships.


We believe in the power of knowledge. We are constantly analysing and gathering relevant information that, combined with our experience, enables us to be better prepared each time.


We care about every detail to ensure the best answer in terms of time, efficiency and accuracy in all the activities we develop.


We carefully select projects to be involved in to ensure we offer the best possible solution to our clients and guarantee them a tangible positive impact.